Uncommon Valor


The word valor comes from the Latin word “Valorem” and it means strength, moral worth, and courage. But I found another version that I liked much better. And that is, “To have the strength of mind or spirit that enables a person to encounter danger with firmness.” To encounter danger with firmness, I like that. But what is firmness? It means being resolute, or determined. It also means the application of steady, but not excessive power or strength. It also means unyielding. Unyielding, now that’s a word–unbending, uncompromising, and unshakable. Whether the dangers we face are physical, or they are just the dangers of the mind…imagine if we all had a little valor what our lives could be? 

My life has been full of changes lately and change is scary. Some might even say that change can be dangerous. But what’s worse than fear is being complacent.  Because complacency is the path of least resistance, and it also offers the least reward.  Staying the same is easy. Dreaming is easy. But bringing our dreams into reality requires us to have valor. Learning to do something new, quitting your job, getting divorced, going back to school, whenever life offers us something new it can be exciting, promising, and scary.

But we are required to change, and we are required to grow. This is our gift and our curse. But be not afraid. Fear, desire, anger, and pride are emotions set around the ego. And these uncomfortable emotions drive us into action. But if we linger too long in these emotions we often find ourselves making poor decisions. So to move from our discomfort we seek out courage, willingness, and acceptance. These are rational higher emotions and they are considered neutral. This stage gives us balance, a better footing for the next phase of change where we encounter our most sacred emotions; love, joy, and peace. These are the gift that we receive for combating our fears.   

Somebody said to me once we all have possibilities, but we all also have probabilities. We all have dreams and desires, but how many of us have the guts to make them happen? 

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